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Brand building agency, Tribalfish, creates a rebellious new craft beer brand

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What’s the Tribalfish story?

Tribalfish is a brand building agency that exists to build better long term business through valuable brands that matter.

Before we just go off and recklessly design or advertise, we first take the time to build a partnership with the client and their stakeholders to really understand the brand’s emerging story.

We then distill the story to its essence to create a brand storyline.

And finally we tell the brand story in a way that resonates with the right people, and builds true brand value.

Peter Schmidt, Luke Kirsten & Justin Harris

Our MD, Peter Schmitt, resonating with a pint of PCB.

Poison City Brewing Logo FINAL SMALL CMYK AB

The awesome logo we designed for PCB.

So what’s the story we created for Poison City Brewing?

Poison City Brewing is Durban born and bred. Its creators Graeme and Andre live, surf and eat Durban.

And together they’ve created an exceptionally well-made craft beer  – beer made for people who give a damn about what they drink, beer that never compromises on taste or quality, beer that lives where edge meets class, and beer that plays tribute to the soul of Durban.

Not the clichéd Sunshine City/Zulu Kingdom bullshit, but the real Durban – the Durban that makes its own rules, expresses its own unique personality, and never ever prostitutes itself to conformity.

The brand story we created is pure Durban-style anti-establishment, and the logo design takes its inspiration from the weed Durban is renowned for, the massive surf culture, and the grittiness of South Africa’s ugly sister.

Each of the brews, also have their own sub stories. The Bird is represented by the quintessential Durban seagull and is named after one of its makers (Graeme Bird), and after the way it flips commercial lager the bird when it comes to colour, flavour and taste.

Whereas The Punk Rocker plays tribute to the nonconformist spirit of punk rock that totally resonates with Durban’s anti-establishment attitude. Durban might have kicked the Poms out of their province a long time ago, but they’ve kept the inspiration for their ale and their punk music legacy, and made it Durban born and bred.

The brews individual illustrations by young Durban illustrator Mario Nobrega are authentic and gritty, the labels’ patina gives that worn, imperfect feel, and the attitude and tone lives up to the brand’s rebellious spirit.

We’ve created a unique brand story that’s told in a unique way, and people are getting it, loving it and living it.

Graeme & Andre  1

PCB founders, Graeme and Andre, doing what they do best.

Shaun & John 2

Posca street artist Damn Vandal chilling with the legendary John Vilsmas.


Serving PCB in a dark alley – that sounds about right!

The Jozi launch

Launched in Durban on the 3rd of October 2015, Poison City brews have already made a huge dent in Durban with their first brew, The Bird lager, and the recent introduction of their English Pale Ale, The Punk Rocker.

And with its launch on the 11th of August 2016, PCB looked to invade Jozi.

For the launch Tribalfish engineered a partnership with Posca, a world-famous marker and illustrator brand that shares their ethos of non-conformity, creativity, and freedom. And like PCB, Posca is also wildly popular with surfers, skateboarders, musicians, artists, creatives and other cool, unconventional, edgy people.

Unlike the usual shiny, pretentious launch bullshit we see in Jozi, the PCB launch took place in the basement of one of Braamfontein’s landmarks, The Bannister Hotel, which perfectly matched PCB’s gritty, urban appeal.

Kicking off at 6:30pm, guests entered through a side alley lined with burning drums, and got to check out Damn Vandal, Posca’s brand ambassador, graffiting up a storm on one of the alley walls, while enjoying a PCB brew from the rad little mobile PCB bar.

After a great craft beer, or two, the guests literally went underground to the Bannister basement and got to meet up with the PCB creators, Graeme and Andre, learn a little more about this awesome craft brewing company, and get cheerfully insulted by the evening’s star attraction, ex-Durbanite, John Vilsmas.

Vilsmas was at his cutting-edge best – his original, abrasive sense of humour exactly right for PCB’s real, in-your-face attitude.

From the underground venue, to the Posca street art, to the authentic craft beer, Tribalfish set the foundation for great things for this unique and authentic craft beer.


Posca brand ambassador Damn Vandal, vandalising the streets of Jozi.

John MC 2

Vilsmas cheerfully insulting the crowds.


Exactly how many people can you fit into a basement?

Need more info?

Feel free to call Danielle on 011 4473793 or email her at

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