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The Great Agency Christmas Card Drama

When your business is creative brand communication, your holiday greeting card can’t be a bulk pack bought from the CNA. Oh no, you’re held to a much higher standard. The agency holiday card has become a tradition with agencies – what was initially fobbed off to the juniors and forgotten has become a high-profile showcase and a high-stakes games of ‘Who’s the coolest?’ In 2011, Droga5 weighed in with an impressive PR campaign where they announced that they had awarded its holiday-card account to mcgarrybowen, Adweek’s Agency of the Year 2011. David Droga himself got involved in the campaign and said in the release, “We’ve decided to go with mcgarrybowen. After a lengthy review, we simply couldn’t ignore the strategic insights into holiday cheer that mcgarry brought to the table.” The release added that Droga5 “was cut from the shortlist in October, marking the end of a nearly five-year relationship between Droga5 and the Droga5 holiday card account.” A wonderful little bit of insider humour that had us tipping our hats. In 2013 DraftFCB created an online doodle wall set up like a chalkboard. When the “DoodleHeart” page was filled, the agency made a “significant donation” to UNICEF to provide typhoon relief in the Philippines.



And while at Tribalfish, we usually steer clear of the whole creative ‘swing your dick’ competitive wank, we have to admit to getting caught up in the fervour of the creative season. So after some bitching from our copywriter, some yelling from our managing director, our designer working until 3am (after getting briefed at 9pm the previous evening) and a cock-up at the printers, here’s our un-agency homage to the festive spirit, warm fuzzy feelings and all that other gooey holiday stuff.


Christmas card03 KB



We could of course have gone down this dark route, so be grateful…

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