The Beginning of an Un-real Experience

“..The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt” - Sylvia Plath

The smell of sharp creativity lingers through the air, draping the charcoal grey walls with a sense of bright optimism. “We un-do..” is the motto of this place, leaving much anticipation as to how they really do it!? First week in as an intern copywriter and I feel the tension being lifted off my back and shoulders with every piece of admin work and occasional involvement in creative strategy meetings.

Constant creativity seeps through the rubber floors, building towards a progressive infrastructure which begs for my touch of insecurity. Although there is still much to grasp for me. Scribbles on pages, crosses on words and NB! notes on corners of the margins, my anxiety is slowly being converted into a riveting personal manifesto.

“Don’t be afraid to give your input!”

“Make sure you have made rigorous research”

“Be yourself”

“Ask direct questions”

Coming from a theoretic background with creative ambitions, making the transition into the space of advertising and copywriting has been no less of a fair challenge for me. Difficult days are met with a healthy creative retaliation which is slowly but surely carving me into a stronger person. Extending the idea of “un-doing in order to do” within myself.

Freedom of thought and input is an undeniable right in this place with accommodating platforms all over the place, bonus points being given for helping growing brands and businesses find their own identities. Ironically, throughout this whole process, I too am beginning to find my own identity.


A fundamental lesson that plays an integral role not only in the working lives of colleagues alike but also in our own separate personal lives, is the power of an idea. At Tribalfish, Ideas are innovative, Ideas are proactive and Ideas are necessary.

Un-doing all of the things that I have learned prior to this unreal experience and placing the pieces back together to formulate, a bigger, better and more concise idea, my future becomes clearer as the clarity of the Tribalfish mission constantly reveals itself with every de-brief and presentation.

Through words, actions and ideas, making clients realize the undoubtedly existing similarities between humans. Tribalfish believes that good things happen to good people, and I am looking forward to further cementing this home by cracking our brains as we remove one brick at a time in order to build a better future for creativity.

As for myself, a Loerie wouldn’t hurt?

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